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Athens Benaki Museum - 138 Pireos Street - from October 10 2006 - the Shop -

  Having studied History in Athens and Paris, Vicky Theodoropoulou spent over a decade wrestling with the written word as a journalist, and presenting radio programmes on the Greek arts and culture station and elsewhere. She continues to write articles on cultural matters for major Greek newspapers. A recent article, “History isn’t Art”, was published in The Kathimerini on Sunday 21/05/06.  
  At the same time, she wrote books spanning everything from historical documentation to literature to a genre of travel-impressions all her own. Her first novel, Letter from Dublin (Hestia, Athens), took the Maria Ralli prize for a first-published author in 1997, and her books have been successful both in Greece and abroad. Her travel books were showcased at the Athenaeum Boekhandel in Amsterdam in the spring of 2002, and Phil Smith, the English artist from the Wrights & Sites group, has presented a performance at the ICA in London in the spring of 2006 based on an extract from her book Amsterdam.  
  The material she re-creates and re-makes into …….  . light boxes ……..… and other utility art objects stems from her travels round the world.  
  The hand-made light boxes - or ………..  illuminated postcards ………  , as she prefers to call them - are wall-lamps consisting of a metal frame and Plexiglas with selected photographs [35 x 53 x 10cm] from her travels. As we speak, she is creating and constructing ……..  light boxes  …….. with photographs taken in Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome and Naples. Wherever we choose to put them--whether in the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom or the office - they will send us far afield.  
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